Architect’s career path

In my opinion, following is the career path of any architect.

start as a Technical Architect
The technical architect is usually a technology specialist in a particular technology. This person has expert knowledge of the underlying technology function, its integral components, and understands the strengths and limitations of the technology. Generally, the technology architect is expected to know the various vendor tools in the technology area, the latest trends in the market, and various architectural alternatives for implementing the solution.

Move on to be a Solution Architect

The solution architect is responsible for implementing a strategic IT program. This includes defining the architectural solution for the program (usually spanning multiple technologies), selecting technology platforms in adherence to corporate strategy, handling inter group communication, and making decisions on technical issues in implementation. The solution architect usually needs to mediate between business and technology teams and various other groups.

Finally reach to be an Enterprise Architect
The enterprise architect is responsible for implementing the organization’s vision and strategy for IT. It includes defining strategic programs, selecting the appropriate technology platforms, and providing guidance for implementations. The enterprise architect aids in making sure that the IT investments are aligned to the business strategy, and provide competitive edge for the organization. The person is also responsible for defining the standards and guidelines, and putting up a governance mechanism to align implementation to the defined standards and guidelines.


This can be explained in a picture as shown below.